My Profile

Someone once told me, a smile happens for a reason - to capture it is art, to re-create it is fraud.

I have always had a passion for art and creativity. Through travelling to South Africa and exploring different art mediums, my love for photography developed. I like the instant gratification achieved from photography, catching a moment as it happens.

Returning to college as a mature student, introduced me to the world of photography. Here I was able to explore my artistic creativity, using digital media. Having learnt the “rules of photography”, I now feel I can combine those with my natural artistic eye, to create work that is individual and exciting.

Working with people and animals fascinates me. I like the subjects Iím photographing to be unique. I see it as a challenge to freeze a detail of expression which defines a person.

I'm enthusiastic about my work and always open to new perspectives in order to fulfil someone's ideals.

I am confident that I can create a special and unique piece of art for you. Please take the time to look through my portfolio examples, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.